Woodbridge & Martlesham Creek Walk

My day started with a drive into Ipswich to collect a job lot of Wanderlust magazines that I bought on eBay. I got an absolute bargain! After I collected them, this is what the boot of my car looked like:

Wanderlist magazines

I can’t wait to get stuck into these!

So, because I was in Ipswich I decided to change my planned walk for today. My intention was to walk a route I had found on iFootpath which was about 4 miles long.

It started well, I’ve been to Woodbridge several times with my GF and I really like it there. I love walking along the riverside and there’s also a wonderful little cafe that we’ve been to a few times.

It was somewhat overcast but still lovely. The tide was in as I started my walk.

Woodbridge river walk

Walking alongside the river in Woodbridge

Until today I had only been a short way down this pathway, but today I continued all the way to Martlesham creek which was lovely and offered a great view of the other side of the river.

Martlesham Creek

Looking across the river from Martlesham Creek

Once I got to the end of the creek I consulted the guide for my walk and decided to deviate. At this point on the road, I was supposed to turn right and that would have taken me away from the river and head back to Woodbridge along some roads.

I didn’t really fancy that; I would much prefer to go back the way I came along the river. There was another path going left that headed into some woods so I just decided to follow it and see where it lead!

A short way into the woods I encountered these steps:

81 (yes I counted them!) low profile steps. Still left me breathless at the top!

Even though they were very low profile steps, the slight ascent made it much harder for me. This is the weak link in my fitness. I seem to be increasing the mileage on flat terrain fairly consistently but as soon as I get to even the slightest incline, my heart seems to have to work 10x harder and I really struggle.

I re-joined my gym this week so I will be working on my cardio!

After coming out the woods I didn’t really know where to go so I wandered around a bit and couldn’t really find a good circular walk and ended up aimlessly wandering for a mile or 2 before realising that I was simply going to have to go back the way I came.

At this point the miles were clocking up; I was at 5 already and I knew I was quite a way from the starting point!

On the way back, the tide had gone out quite a lot and I sat down and had a rest at this beautiful spot:

I watched the ducks swimming in the little river there and just watched all the wildlife for a while. It was very peaceful.

Also here I decided to dump some of the weight in my bag. I had been deliberately increasing the weight in my bag each week with bottles of water as part of my ‘training’. But now my shoulders were starting to get really sore and as I had already walked over 5 miles I decided to give them a rest.

I emptied out two of the bottles of water (I had 4!) which was 1.5kg and that was much better! About another half an hour later and I was back in Woodbridge where I treated myself to a rather delicious lunch at the cafe 🙂

Cream tea (well Mocha actually!) It just had to be done…

In the end, by the time I got back to the car I had clocked up 6.6 miles and I was feeling pretty sore! I felt really good though. I knew I could do more than 4 and just wanted to push myself a little further. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll aim for next week. It will depend on how sore I am feeling tomorrow! 🙂

Woodbridge & Martlesham Creek Flickr Album

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