Thunderstorms & Little Castles

After leaving Autoire at the weekend, I knew I wanted to go back to do a second hike and so I looked around for places I could stay in the local area. I had hoped it would only be for a day or two but Mother Nature had other plans!

I rested for a couple of days at a lovely private Aire and then sods law says that as soon as I was ready to go back to Autoire, the weather turned bad! For several days there were Thunderstorms, a couple of which were actually quite frightening! I felt very vulnerable in my little tin can, and kept checking for any leaks worried that my roof repair might fail!

Thankfully, the roof held up and I survived the storms 🙂 I didn’t want to risk going back to Autoire until the weather forecast looked good as I knew my second hike would be a long one. However, one of the days looked okayish for a quick hike to see a small castle!

I was staying in a town called Saint-Céré which was not much to look at, but closeby there was a fantastic looking small castle plonked neatly on a hill. I’d seen it on the drive down and it looked cool. I didn’t know I could easily(ish) walk to it!

The Castle from the ground level

To find the castle I actually used Google Maps on my phone. I have complained about this app many times in relation to driving large vehicles, but for walking it is actually pretty good as it has many footpaths mapped.

Compared to my walk around the villages near Autoire, this one was much shorter but steeper. Also, the thunderstorms the night before had made part of the pathway quite muddy and slippery. Unfortunately I’d chosen my walking shoes rather than my boots which was a mistake!

But, I got to the top without issue and it was most definitely worth it. It’s a very small castle (I’m not even sure it’s a castle!) which now houses a museum which I didn’t visit (they bore me!).

The view from the top of the hill

I was able to walk all around it and enjoy the lovely views from every angle. I rested at the top for a while, made a phone call to a friend back in the UK and then headed back.

I noticed that there was a car park at the castle with (obviously) a road leading to it so I followed that on the way back to avoid the very steep, slipery path. Instead, I had to take a different steep (but not quite so slippery!) path instead!

As I made my way back down to the village level I looked back up and found it hard to believe I had walked up there as it looked quite high from down below!

It was a lovely little walk, and gave me a break from sitting in the van for days on end waiting for the weather to clear up!

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