Things I Know I’ll Miss When Traveling

I’ve been thinking about the pro’s and con’s of traveling in this way – living in a motor home, being on the road all the time, moving constantly, not having a permanent base and so on. Obviously for me the pro’s outweigh the cons otherwise I wouldn’t do it, but I also know there are a lot of things I am definitely going to miss, and probably things that I will miss that I don’t even know about yet.

My Mum

This is the biggest one. She’s 88 years old, I don’t know how long we have left together. For the last few years I have gone to visit her every week with very few exceptions. We both really enjoy this day together.

We’ve become very close since I moved back to Essex 10 years ago. We’re both going to miss each other. It’s the little things like watching Holby City together and where I get to explain to her all the little details she didn’t quite understand, or bringing round some chips for dinner which she gets very excited about 🙂

I’ll miss those things and she will too. But I’m going to get her a tablet all setup with Skype, a link to my blog, photos, YouTube and all that stuff. We can talk every day (until she gets bored of that lol!)

My Cat

I’ve had cats my entire life. They are my fur babies. I’m one of those cat people that looks at human babies kinda sideways but goes all gooey at the sight of a cute kitten.

My cat Flapjack is a bit of an arse to be fair; he’s one of the most annoying cats I’ve had! But he is also without doubt the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had! I love him for that. He climbs right on me, going as high up as he can and he just purrs constantly. He kneads my lap and just dribbles with pure joy when I brush him!

He’s rarely far from my side and we both enjoy cuddles. I’m going to miss that terribly. I no longer have a human to cuddle and I’ll also have to give up my cat cuddles too which is going to be hard. I need a hug buddy.


I restarted karate after a break of many years in 2016. It was great to be back and I had a fantastic year with brilliant instructors. I really enjoyed it, I remembered why I used to love it so much and I was really pleased I’d gone back.

But that is the kind of thing you need to do from a home base. The instructors get to know you and your abilities and your strengths and weaknesses. They coach you week after week and over time you make progress.

You just can’t do that on the road. I’ll be in a different place every week. I have no choice but to give up for now. I went to see my instructors to say goodbye and thank them for their instruction, and that was really nice, but I’m going to miss it!

Still, karate is not going anywhere and people do it at all ages. Maybe I’ll still get that black belt in my 60’s or something 🙂 I know other people who have!

My Car

I have a sporty little Audi TT. It’s cool. It’s fast. It’s sexy, at least it was until an idiot drove into the back of me and smashed up the rear paintwork which I could not afford to get fixed!

Despite the cosmetics, it’s still fun as hell to drive! When I drive at night, I often go zooming past those old biddies that drive so damn slow! When my motorhome is my only vehicle, I’m going to be the slow one!

I’ve had it for about 6 years I think and the novelty just never wore off! It’s still just as fun to drive as it was when I first got it! Maybe in a few years time when I’m traveling the US, I can get myself a massive RV that has an on-board garage and get myself a motorbike! Hell yeah 😉 Don’t tell Mum!!

My Bed

I’m not very good at sleeping; I wake up a lot. Annoyingly I need a pee in the night. It’s not even an age thing – I’ve done it for years! But when I don’t sleep well I get grumpy.

I go to bed now in my reasonably big king size bed and I use the whole thing up. Even when I was sharing it with my ex I’d be terrible for hogging the bed! I roll about and fidget a lot, and I drink during the night, which is probably why I need to get up for a pee!

I am under no illusions about the bed situation in the motorhome. I’m going to be parked in places where there are other people – probably noisy people. If I’m in one of the French Aires, which I intend to spend a lot of time in (most are free!) there will be trucks coming and going through the night.

Combine that with the bed itself – it’s a bunk above the cab with very little headroom. I’ve already hit my head on the roof twice whilst testing it out! There’s also a certain knack to getting back down the ladder.

I’ll get used to it but I can imagine the mishaps when I need a pee at 4am and I’m in that zombie like state and forget where I am! I just hope I don’t fall out lol!


For us fortunates who live in this rather wonderful first world society, we go to the toilet, take a shower, use the washing machine, dish washer, sinks etc and never think twice about where all the waste goes. We just do our stuff, and away it goes.

In a motorhome that waste is contained. I have a toilet, a shower and sinks in both the kitchen and the bathroom. There’s no laundry facilities so that’s something else I’ll need to sort out but I will need to dispose of my own waste.

I have a Thetford Cassette toilet – the waste goes into a ‘cassette’ which is accessed from the exterior of the vehicle. It’s pretty simple, I take the unit out, take it to the disposal area and dump the contents, but EUW that’s gonna be nasty!

I bought ‘poo gloves’ specifically for emptying the toilet cassette!

Unlimited Resources

Another first world extravagance that we just take for granted – heating, lighting, gas, electricity, running water, wifi. All unlimited and in many cases unmetered.

I feel very fortunate to be embarking on these travels at a time when technology has advanced to a point where I will indeed have access to all of those things, which is absolutely awesome! But it will all be limited.

I’ll have batteries and solar power for electricity, a tank for water, a gas bottle, and an Internet data package with a fixed monthly allowance. I will have to carefully think about exactly how I use all of these resources.

There’s no more leaving the tap on when cleaning my teeth. I can’t just leave my computers on all day long so that I can just pop onto Facebook for five minutes. I’ll need to carefully consider my gas bottle whenever I turn on the heater or the cooking facilities. And of course, I’ll need to watch my Internet usage – eeek! Netflix is gonna have to go 🙁

Food Hoarding

I live on my own and yet I have a 6 foot freezer all to myself that is rammed full nearly all the time! I have finally started to empty it a bit but I’ve still got a long way to go.

Combine that with a large fridge and cupboards full of food and I have enough food in my house to survive the next zombie apocalypse!

I won’t be able to live like this on the motor home. I have one very small fridge with a teeny little freezer compartment. I have some storage cupboards but that is for everything I own, and not just food! I’ll be able to hold food for a week or two perhaps and that’s it.

I can no longer cook massive slow cooker meals and store 10 portions in the freezer. I can’t make stock from chicken carcasses and freeze that for soup. I can’t store bags of neatly weighed out smoothie mixes or have 7 kinds of frozen potato just stored away.

And More

There are other things too. Like just a lack of general ‘stuff’. I can’t hoard any more. Anything in the vehicle has to be justified because there just won’t be room for crap. Luckily I’m not the kind of person who has dozens of pairs of shoes 🙂

I won’t be able to do social things with my friends. This actually won’t be too much of a problem as most of them live quite far away from me and I only see them every few months anyway so that won’t change much as I’ll come home for visits around once every 3 months.

One thing I should add though is that other than my Mum and my cat, the rest just isn’t that important. It’s mostly conveniences, creature comforts, things I can do without.

In another post, I’ll talk about all the aspects of traveling that I am looking forward to 🙂

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