The Village of Carennac

I actually came to Carennac very briefly last week. I arrived in the afternoon with the intention of visiting the village in the morning. But I realised I had no Internet signal at all and it started to rain pretty badly so I moved elsewhere. After that, I ended up spending 4 days in one place as every day it was raining and many days brought thunderstorms as well!

Today it was a beautiful day, the skies were clear and it was pretty hot so I came back. Carennac is a small but lovely little village. It deserved it’s title of being one of the ‘plus beau’.

The sunshine put me in a particularly good mood and I treated myself to lunch 🙂

What was also nice about today as after being cooped up by myself for several days I was ale to get out talk to people. It ended up being quite the multi-cultural day – I spoke to people from France, England, Australia, Germany and The Netherlands!

Afterwards I headed back to the motorhome and had a relaxed evening of not doing a lot as the Internet signal was very spotty and too unreliable to do any work. But after 4 days of almost solid work in the van I didn’t mind having a day off 🙂

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