The Village of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne

Leaving the Lake

It was time to leave the lake today as I had run out of food and wanted to try and find the correct gas hose connection for my new gas bottle. I researched where I could find an Intermarche and an E.Leclerc (with the household version) and headed for the town of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne.

I didn’t find my hose, but I did find a working washing machine station so I used that while I did a bit of shopping.

The Village of Beaulieu

I was under the impression that this village was one of the most beautiful in France but it turns out that it is not on the list. But I had seen it featured in France magazine which is why it was on my map.

I found it to be better looking from a distance than up close. It was a little tired and run down and you can see that from the video footage that I took.

The main town square of Beaulieu – not much to look at really

Al-Fresco Dining

After my walk around the village I headed back to the Aire where the motorhome was parked and I saw that all the others had their awnings out and were eating outside on chairs and tables, so I decided to to the same!

It was the first time I’d used both the awning and the chair and I was pleased to find that both worked well. I also took the opportunity to hang out my washing on my windows as there were still some items that were a little damp!

Got my awning and camping chair out for the first time!

I made some lunch and ate it outside next to the stream and I found this to be very relaxing and far more enjoyable than the town itself!


After lunch I continued in vain to find the hose pipe so I think I am going to need a specialist camping or motorhome / caravan type shop.

I then headed to an Aire in a nearby town to spend the night.

Meeting June & Jim

As I pulled up to a pitch, another motorhome was pulling up to the one next to me. I was in the back opening the windows and they came around to my side. I said “Bonjour” and was very surprised to be met with a very British “Hello!” as they had a French plate motorhome.

They were June & Jim who used to live in France for 20 years and love it here but they recently moved back to England and now just tour in the motorhome.

They invited me for tea and I declined the tea (it was 25 degrees and they were drinking tea lol!) but brought my own cold drink and we spent a couple of very enjoyable hours chatting.

It was my first social experience of the week and the first time I’d spoken any English other than when I talk to my camera for YouTube.

Photos (view album on Flickr) and video below:

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