The Motorhome Has a Name!

I’ve never been one to name my vehicles with the exception of my very first car which I called ‘Alex’ when I was 17. I don’t remember why and I never named a car again!

But for some odd reason in the vehicle dwelling and touring community there just seems to be a tradition of naming the vehicle one resides in.

There’s Pam the Van, Carolyn a YouTuber I follow, lives in an RV called Matilda and I’ve heard of many other names in the books that I have read.

The first suggestion was Dora, no doubt from Dora the Explorer,┬ábut it just didn’t feel right for me. First, Dora is female and for some reason my motorhome (if it has to have a gender lol!) just feels male to me, and it’s a kids TV character which I simply can’t resonate with.

The motorhome is a pretty bog standard old Fiat Ducato but there’s one unique feature on the bonnet…

A red dragon. Yep as well as a bunch of paint chips which I’ll need to touch up at some point!

So I thought using the dragon would be cool. I like dragons, video game dragons that is. I’ve not encountered all that many in real life. So what did I choose?

Lord Nagafen!

A couple of you will get the reference immediately but most of you will be thinking, what kind of stupid name is that??

When I thought of red dragons in particular in the games that I have played (I’m a huge gamer by the way, just check out my Steam profile!) the one that immediately came to mind was Lord Nagafen from a game called Everquest.

As you’ll be able to see from the quality of the graphics, this is a very old game – it was first released in 1999! I found it around a year or two later and was very hooked on it. It was a game I went back to time and time again over a 15 year period!

This dragon, ‘Naggy’ for short was actually quite weak. There was Lady Vox, the white dragon and Lord Nagafen the red dragon. I have participated in many kills of both dragons. Naggy always fell but on many occasions Lady Vox prevailed!

Anyway I’m now randomly waffling about old computer games which I’m sure nobody is interested in! So, there’s the name and now you know why and also know that I am a geek!

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