Shotley Peninsula

This walk was one that I found on Walking World which is a membership site. Unfortunately you cannot see the details of the walk unless you are a member.

It was a 9 mile walk that was set largely alongside the river. Unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy it as much as some of the previous ones. I seemed to really struggle physically; my feet were hurting quite a bit.

Also, there weren’t really convenient rest stops so I just had to make do.

The walk started by walking along the coastal path which was quite nice. I had to go up some steps somewhere but the directions didn’t make it clear which ones. In the end I went up 5 sets of steps before I found the correct ones.

After this the path went up into some fields and I got a bit lost here. I couldn’t figure out the directions and had to guess and I guessed wrong. I didn’t go far wrong though. I used Google Maps to get me to the next Waypoint which was only 10 minutes away.

I found a large section of this walk to be a bit boring, but perhaps I also had a lot on my mind and wasn’t taking it in properly. There were fields, some woodland, a pretty church and some pigs!

It makes me sad when I see cute animals that will one day be delicious bacon!

I knew that the last part of the walk would take me back past the river and I wanted to stop to eat somewhere there. I managed to find my way down to the river but at first I couldn’t see anywhere suitable. The path actually turned away from the river and ran along the edge of several fields.

But then I noticed a small gap in between a small huddle of trees. There was a sharp drop and underneath I could see the water’s edge. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get back up but then I spied a large rope that could be used to pull yourself up so I jumped down.

This came out into a tiny opening, perhaps just 10 feet wide and the water was lapping up within 2 feet of the shore! I sat on an old piece of driftwood and ate my lunch trying not to get my feet wet!

The spot where I stopped for lunch

By this point it was starting to get very cold which was made worse by the coastal winds. I had to zip my jacket right up to the neck. It was also clouding over quite thickly and became rather dark so I didn’t enjoy this as much as I usually would on a sunny day but it was still very serene.

The walk back along the river to the start was not very enjoyable as I was now aching, cold and just wanted to get home. One of the things that also sometimes makes me sad on these walks is when I see litter that has been dumped. I keep meaning to bring a carrier bag with me so I can collect up some of it on the way.

Litter, just dumped in a field. I do wish people would observe the Countryside code and Leave No Trace principles.

I’ve joined a walking forum and sought out some advice about my aching feet. Most people who responded said that I should be building up by doing lots of shorter walks rather than just doing increasingly longer and longer ones.

Next weekend I am going to Brighton for 3 days. I have a work conference on the Friday and then I plan to spend Saturday and Sunday walking in the downs though I don’t think I will try to walk this far on each day.

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