A Short Walk in the Snow

I moved out of my house yesterday but ended up snowed in at my Mums and unable to go back to collect my motorhome.

But one thing I did have at Mums is all my snow gear so I put it on for the first time in 4 years since I dislocated my shoulder snowboarding.

The trousers were very tight, oops! I’m either going to have to seriously lose weight within the next 4 weeks or get something else because though I could walk ok, bending down was not good and there’s no way I’d able to bend down to strap myself in and out of my board 🙂

Anyway, I headed out over to the fields at the back of Mums house where I have been walking for 30 years. I took a handful of pics and a short video:

View the flickr album here.


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