Saint Cirq Lapopie

Saint Cirq Lapopie has been recommended to me by a few locals and it is listed as one of the ‘plus beau’ villages (most beautiful) in France so I was looking forward to my visit!

Getting to it was not easy, or to be more specific, finding a parkup for the night when you lose phone signal and your navigation app keeps crashing is not easy! Eventually, I got here last night and was able to park right on the River Lot next to the footpath that takes you directly into the village.

The literature online said that it rests around 300m above sea level but I track all my walks with ViewRanger and throughout the whole morning I climbed just over 250m so it was not as high as I thought. It was still a little challenging for me but that works out well as it’s only by taking on gradually tougher challenges that I’ll be able to improve my fitness to the point where I can go on long & high hikes in some of the really pretty countryside.

The village itself was everything I was expecting; quaint, cute, small, and typically French. It really made me think, THIS is why I have turned my life upside down to come here and live & travel in this way!

It certainly made up for some of the troubles I have had with the motorhome recently.

I have a habit of collecting fridge magnets and I added one to my collection from the tourist office. Sadly I have nowhere to display them in the van but I’ll still collect them for some point in the future when I may have a (very big!) fridge 🙂

I also bought myself something called ‘Confiture de Noix’ which translates as literally ‘nut jam’. I tried to describe it in the video but it really has no equivalent in the UK. It’s sugary and nutty and yummy!

I took quite a lot of photos and a few minutes of video footage. Enjoy below as usual.

See the full photo album on Flickr


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