Roof Leak Patched But Damage Extensive

Yesterday I got the motorhome back after having the leak on the roof patched. It turned out to be a very old leak that had done extensive damage to the roof panel over a period of time.

It has been slowly rotting away and only actually started dripping through into the inside of the vehicle after we had a really insane amount of rain in a short space of time over the last few weeks.

The only way to properly repair the damage is to replace the roof but I’m not going to that kind of expense on a 19 year old vehicle. Instead, they cleaned up the old rust and sealant, attached an aluminium sheet as a patch-repair, and sealed that in place.

Hopefully that should stop any further damage but I’m left with some lasting damage inside now unfortunately.

Watch the video below to see inside the cupboards where the damage is more visible.

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