Oh No! A Leak in the Motorhome Roof!

Literally the morning after I get the motorhome back after having had a ton of mechanical repairs done, I wake up to find a wet patch on my sofa. I look up and see that the roof is leaking!

leaky motorhome roof

Just a drip – but could be the start of a major problem!

Okay you can’t see much from that picture – it’s just a drip. BUT of course it could be the start of a major problem and if not fixed, I dread to think what could happen. Funnily enough I was telling Paul who owns the motorhome garage just yesterday how lucky I was that it didn’t leak. I said “well with all this rain we’ve had in March, at least I know it doesn’t leak!” and then we had a conversation about leaky motorhomes….

Spoke too soon huh!

Better now than later

The thought “why me?” popped into my head for about 3 seconds and a voice in my head quipped back, “because your motorhome is 19 years old!” As annoying as it is, and as frustrating as it is to know I’m going to have to sink yet more money into this beast, it’s still better that it has happened here and now while I still have a week left in the UK, than once I’d already started touring France.

Oh yes, I plastered all over Facebook, but don’t think I actually mentioned on the blog – the moment I got the motorhome back from the garage yesterday, I went online and booked my Eurotunnel crossing to France; I leave next Saturday – I hope!!

Getting a mechanical problem fixed in Europe isn’t a huge deal as the work can be done by any car garage but a habitation problem needs to be fixed by a motorhome specialist. Luckily the garage I have been using are just that.

It’s Sunday today, they are closed so there is nothing I can do now so I’m going to enjoy the rest of the weekend visiting my best friend one last time before I head off, and I’ll have to ring the garage on Monday to see when they can fit me in.

Am I being tested?

I’m not religious at all but it feels like I’m being tested somehow – as if roadblocks are constantly being put in my way to test my resolve! I do not believe in bearded dudes that live in the sky but if there’s something out there trying to stop me, well they can just get out of the way because it doesn’t matter how many setbacks I encounter, I am going on this adventure and nothing will stop me!! Hehehe 🙂

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