A New Plan For Spring of 2018

I’ve now given written notice with my landlady and will need to move out of my house by January 9th. As it’s still very cold in the UK in January, I’ll stay with my mum for a couple of months leaving the motorhome in a nearby secure location until I head off on my travels.

Leave For France March or April?

The original plan was to head to France straight away in March, but for some reason my mum is really trying to convince me to wait until April. She’s probably just trying to stall me because deep down she doesn’t want me to go!

There are actually 3 good reasons why postponing until April before heading to France would be a good idea. Firstly, my current breakdown cover by the RAC automatically covers my motorhome in the UK. To get cover for Europe I need to add on European cover and that is much cheaper to do upon renewal of my policy which is not until March 16th.

Secondly, there are two books that I want to get which cover camping spots in France (I’ll cover the details in another post) but both are republished each year at the beginning of April. Seeing as I have no way of getting anything delivered when I’m on the road, it makes sense to order the books here in the UK and wait for them to arrive before departing.

What To Do in March?

Now I’m quite happy to stay with mum for a couple of months in Jan and Feb whilst it’s cold. I’ve never liked the cold, dark UK winters so I will not be motivated to go out exploring and walking during these months.

Instead I can use this time to get everything done on the Motorhome – electrics, get it stocked up, ensure I know all the maintenance stuff I need to do, and of course do research for my France travels.

But I know that by the time March rolls around and we start seeing those daffodils and snowdrops popping up I will be getting the itch to get going! I love the springtime – it’s the sign that winter is finally over and the warmer months are beckoning.

snowdrops photo

I love the spring time when the first flowers start to bloom
Photo by crabchick

One of the awesome things about living and working full time in a motorhome is the freedom it gives me. I have chosen this lifestyle so I can go wherever I want. I’ve chosen Europe but there’s nothing to say I can’t start in the UK first.

There is one place in the UK that I have longed to explore for many years and never got around to it. I even bought a book and planned to travel there but never got around to it… because, you know, life and crap got in the way. Where?

The Lake District

The Lake District looks utterly beautiful. One of the things that has always put me off going in the past is the damned unpredictability of the British Weather. Because of the popularity of the location, accommodation, campsites etc must be booked well in advance. And in advance, you have no idea what the weather will be like.

lake district photo

I’ve always wanted to go to the Lake District but just never been!
Photo by fkaCraig1

If I booked a normal ‘holiday’ it would be a case of perhaps booking a B&B for a week, and then just hoping that the weather was good for that particular week. Sods law says that it wouldn’t be and then I’d be bloody miserable! I simply do not enjoy walking in the rain.

However, by traveling by motorhome I am not restricted to just a one week stay. I plan to take the 300 mile journey over a couple of days (maybe 3 if I find the driving tiring) and then just hang out around the Lake District for around a month.

That way if it rains, I just stay in the van and work those days, or go to a cafe or a pub and work – whatever. Then on the nice sunny days, I will go hiking. I defy even our crappy weather to rain for an entire month lol! Okay if it does end up raining for the whole of March 2018 then I apologise in advance 🙂

So that’s my new plan. I just love how this kind of lifestyle allows me total freedom to just change plans on a whim like that! So awesome 😀

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