The Mysterious Case of the Missing Waste Water

A couple of weeks ago I tried to drain out my grey waste (everything that goes down the sinks) tank after my little mini camping trip but the waste pipe just snapped off in my hand.

I found a place called WKD Caravans to fix it for me. The guy there (Wayne, the owner I believe) did a nice job at a very reasonable price.

It was dark by the time I got home so I tested it out the next day. The pipe didn’t seem to work! I turned on my water pump which pumps the water from my fresh water tank to my taps and then I opened up all the taps in the kitchen and the bathroom to drain out all the water.

Once the water tank was almost empty and the pump started making a funny noise I turned it off and attempted to drain the waste tank by opening up the valve on the newly fitted pipe. Nothing came out…

So I phoned up Wayne and told him my problem. He advised me to open the valve on the pipe and then watch it as I then pour a large bucket of water down the kitchen sink. I did this and I could hear water going into the waste tank but nothing was coming out of the pipe. There appeared to be a blockage somewhere.

I needed to go back to WKD anyway as I had ordered a new light which had come in and needed to be fitted so this morning I went back and did a spot of vacuuming in the van whilst the lights were being worked on 🙂

Then the waste water was tested… and it all seemed to work! Wayne’s colleague put a hose down the sink pumping large amounts of water in and it all drained out of the waste pipe fine!

I will never know what happened to the original waste water; it will remain a mystery!

But I must give a thumbs up to Wayne & WKD as he charged me only for the light and not his time even though he also fixed my cab light (wire had come loose), tested the waste system and also gave me advise on leveling the vehicle using leveling chocks while I was there.

Nice bloke, very knowledgeable and above all, honest and did not try to rip me off! 🙂


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