More Broken Vents, A Cute Village and Parking Troubles

After my weekend in Calais back in February, I discovered that one of my roof vents had gone missing. I’ll never know what happened to it!

A few days ago, the vent in my bathroom broke when I had a shower. It’s just a case of old, brittle plastic. Here’s a video showing the problem:

I decided not to bother fixing it. The first one cost me £160 and I’m not paying that just for a bit of ventilation! I’ve had another shower since, and I simply opened the door after I was done and pointed my little heater in there to dry everything out.

That worked fine so like my back door, this will have to be one of those things that remains broken, but untouched!

A couple of days later I visited a little village called Capdenac. There’s not much to say really as it was so small that it only took me about 20 minutes to explore it all! I did eat at the creperie though, and I took a few photos and a video:

See the whole album on Flickr

After leaving Capdenac I had an Aire lined up that I was planning to go an stay in at the town of Figerac but when I got there, I found that it has been turned into a fun-faire! That was not the end of my driving issues that day and in the end I put together another little video where I described all the issues and put together a plan to prevent it happening again, with some tips.

3 thoughts on “More Broken Vents, A Cute Village and Parking Troubles

  1. Christine

    Not sure how I found your blog but I did. Really enjoying your travels. I solo travel but can only do it in 2-3 week holidays from work. Your lucky to be able to take your job with you and work as you travel. The roads are tiny in Europe, your brave attacking them with a camper. A few years back I went to a small village outside of Leon France call perouge (not sure of spelling). Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. CarolineM Post author

      Yeah there’s not many people fortunate enough to be able to take their work with them on the road! France is actually quite well equipped for motorhomes though I have encountered a few tiny roads 🙂

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