The John Newman 4-Minute Motorhome Plank Challenge

I have been traveling in France for close to a month and all my good intentions of maintaining some kind of exercise routine on the road have completely gone out of the window!

I brought a set of dumbbells with me and even though I have very little space, I can just about do a full-body workout, though have I done any? Nope! Not a single rep!

I have started walking, so that’s good but there’s no consistency to it – it depends on where I am and what the weather is like.

The Plank

There’s one exercise that I really have no excuse not to do – the plank. I have enough room on my little floor and it takes literally minutes a day to see a benefit. And for me personally – somebody who spends a very large amount of time sitting on her butt staring at a computer screen, I should see a LOT of benefit as years of over-sitting has lead me to suffer with lower back pain a lot of time.

I do find that walking also helps ease this lower back pain, but the plank is a very good all around core exercise.

Photo: Pinterest

 John Newman?

Planking is boring, and when it is excruciatingly difficult, those minutes feel more like hours! Most people say they find it easier if they distract themselves with music or something to watch.

Well, the track ‘Love me Again’, by John Newman is not only one of my favourite songs ever, but it’s exactly 4 minutes long which would be a fantastic goal to aim for. Currently, I can do about 1 minute or so.

So, the setup is easy – I plug my headphones into my phone, load up Spotify and start playing. Rather than just staring at a timer, I’m actually listening to the song and if I stop the plank I pause the song. The fact that I like it so much motivates me to keep going!

The 4 Minute Goal

The goal is actually two-fold:

  1. To plank daily – for a total of 4 minutes
  2. To do a plank for a continuous 4 minutes

So to achieve this using the song, I can leave it paused, take a break as long as I need to then continue an do that as many times as necessary until I’ve finished the song.

The idea is that if I repeat this every day I will gradually be able to go longer and longer, and take fewer breaks and eventually hit that goal of doing the whole 4 minutes in one go!

Then I’d need to pick a 5 minute song 🙂 Or I could start incorporating different plank variations to mix it up and increase the difficulty.

Progress Record

  • Day 1: 9th May 2018 / 4 segments (complete)
  • Day 2: 10th May 2018 / 3 segments (complete)