I Need Sunshine! First France Destination Decided

So far I have had only the vaguest idea of my actual route around France. I have built up a custom map with a great many points of interest that I could visit. There’s still much to put on there I’m sure but this is how it’s looking right now:

I don’t think I’ll be bored…

I had the idea in my mind that I would simply gradually move southwards from my arrival point in Calais. The problem with this approach is that I would be spending the (unusually cold) Spring months in the north of France where the weather is much the same as here, and I would be hitting the hotter Southern climates in the summer, when it might actually be too hot for me!

I desperately need some sunshine!

The weather greatly affects my mood and general wellbeing. This weird cold and wet streak that we’ve had these last few weeks has taken it’s toll. I’ve had a severe cold for almost a week, I’m feeling down and basically quite desperate for some sunshine.

This means, I need to hit the south of France first! I’ve spent a lot of time on AccuWeather comparing the weather in various locations around France with the weather in my area and unfortunately it’s pretty much the same all over except for the coastal stretch that touches the Mediterranean Sea.

The yellow blob represents the warmest part of France

So between looking at that, and looking at my map of all the points of interests I have decided to head for Montpellier first of all. I will head west along the coast (saving the other part for later!) and then head north west around May time where I can explore the plethora of beautiful villages that are in that region.

As we head towards the summer months I’ll make my way towards the west coast and move north stopping by a beach on any sunny day! Once the summer comes to a close I’ll start moving east and south again and start moving back towards the south coast but taking a completely different route.

Around October time I’d like to explore the rest of that south coast towards Nice and then if possible, I’d like to spend around a month on the island of Corsica in November. I’m not sure how motorhome friendly the island is but I’ll worry about it nearer the time.

When it’s time to head back to the UK, I’ll just drive back up north as fast as possible!

Here’s a route I could take that avoids toll roads. It’s around 650 miles and on my mileage in the motorhome, this would cost me about £160 in diesel if the prices are the same in France as the UK. If I drive around 100 miles a day, I can get there in around a week.

A possible route to get to Montpellier from Calais in around a week.

Obviously I could drive more each day and get there faster but a week should be fine and that will give me some time each day to rest a bit!

Doing it this way means that I’ll be using around twice the diesel as originally planned as I’ll be going the whole length of the country twice instead of once, but I think it will give me a much better experience weather wise.

So now that’s decided, all that’s left is to pick a date and book the channel crossing! Once I do that, it’s gonna get real 🙂


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