What Happens When I ‘Come Back’?

I’m still 3 months away from starting my travels and already my mother is concerned about what’s going to happen when I ‘come back’. She’s worried about me having to buy everything for my new house all over again. I had to be honest with her…

I have no intention of ‘coming back’. At least not to anything remotely resembling the life I had before.

For me, this is not a holiday, a trip, a year out or any of those terms that people use to describe something short term. If that were the case I would not have sold 90% of my possessions, I would have put it all in storage.

I’m seeing this as a whole new chapter of my life, I complete change, a new way of living. I intend for this to be a permanent way of life for as long as I enjoy it.

My brother thinks that I will be ‘bored’ (??!?!?!) in 3 months and be back ‘home’ then. Perhaps he will be right, only time will tell. If that is the case I’ll have some more serious life evaluations to do.

I doubt it though.

There’s a Whole World Out There

I’ve spent quite a lot of time poring over maps of Europe looking at just where I can go and when I really think about all the countries there are, all the things to look at, villages to explore, food to try, parks to go hiking in and so on, my mind just boggles.

And that’s just Europe. Other land masses that are well suited to motorhome exploration are the United States, Australia and Canada. California alone is twice the size of the UK!

Really, I could spend a whole lifetime exploring and still barely scratch the surface!

I don’t know if I might tire of the lifestyle eventually. I probably would if I went too fast but there’s no deadline, nothing to say how much I have to do in a certain amount of time. If I want a rest I can just find somewhere nice to park and stop a while.

But when I think about the life I had before, it was really very dull and repetitive. I’d literally spend 12-16 hours a day sat in front of my computer. After splitting from my ex, I would sometimes go several days without seeing another human being. That not only is really not fun, but it’s not healthy either. I can’t live that anymore. I never want to go back to that.

I don’t want to be like this guy anymore!

I’m still going to use my computer, I will still work, but it won’t be all day long, every day. I can just work when I feel like it – most likely in the evenings or perhaps poor weather days when I don’t feel like going out and exploring.

I’m really looking forward to my travels and I am enjoying the massive ‘unknown’ aspect of it all. I can just take each day, and week at a time and do whatever I like. Total freedom 🙂

Bring it on!

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