Gramat Animal Park

I always check the weather forecast and I plan my activities accordingly. Last night it said it was going to start raining today and continue for 4 days with thunderstorms each day!

So, when the weather is going to bad for an extended period, I’ll be on the computer a LOT and the solar can’t keep up with that so I seek out somewhere to park with an electric hookup.

This morning that brought me to a place called Gramat and I struck gold as I was able to get the very last spot at the Aire and one of only two hookup points! And the best bit – it’s all free! So once I secured the spot I had no intention of moving until the bad weather passed.

I wasn’t about to give up this spot with free leccy when it gets this busy!

However, the forecast didn’t get it right today. The morning started with blazing sunshine and clear blue skies and it was still like that once I got myself parked at Gramat. I had no intention of siting in the van all day waiting for it to rain so I decided to go for a walk.

I couldn’t find anything local but I did see an animal park a couple of miles away that I figured I could walk to. It took a while as Google Maps had me going in circles for a while but I made it and it turned out to be an excellent day 🙂

I also ended up walking 6 miles in all, and much of that was going very slowly around the park so I had a lot of time on my feet and they were aching by the time I got back to the motohome!

It was worth it though. And the timing couldn’t have been better. The weather stayed gorgeous all day and then the rain and thunder started about half an hour after I got back to the van!

If I had stayed on the motorhome all day, scared to go out in case it rained I would have ended up wasting an awesome sunny day. Now I can work tomorrow instead 🙂

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