Fulltime Motorhome Expenses & Stats – May 2018

May 2018 is my first complete calendar month of fulltiming in the motorhome. I track all my expenses and also stats such as how many miles I’ve driven and walking / hiking stats as that’s something I really want to focus on.

I’m going to do one of these posts every month. So firstly, the expenses. I have included here everything related to actually living & travelling fulltime in the motorhome. But I’m not including random stuff that I spend my money on that has no relation to my living situation.

  • Food – 240.44€
  • Repairs & Maintenance (mainly stuff for the fridge issue) – 160.78€
  • Parking – 107€
  • Gas – 73€
  • Diesel – 64.77€
  • Souvenirs & fun stuff – 40.80€
  • Laundry – 13€

Total expenses: 699.79€

I’m pretty pleased at how low that is, especially considering about 130€ was spent on repairs for the fridge, and the Gas value included the purchase of a second bottle which I won’t need to do again as long as I stay in France.

My biggest surprise was how much I spent on food – 240€!! And that is almost exclusively food from Supermarkets. I find food here in France to be expensive and if I actually bought what I wanted I would be spending even more than that!

However, I had budgeted for around 300€ per month for parking – thinking in terms of an average of about 10€ per night so I am very pleased it came out so low. I have been getting better at finding free places to park and so don’t actually pay to park all that often now.


I drove a total of 301 miles which isn’t much. That’s an average of about 10 miles per day. That was largely because I was deliberately staying close to Cahors as I knew I had to go back there to get the wiring replaced on my fridge once the part came in.

Now that we’re June, I’m heading towards the South West coast and I plan to spend the summer months driving up the western coastline, hitting beaches when possible on sunny days.

Fuel is quite expensive here but every time I fill up I keep a log of how many miles I drove since the last fill, and how much it was. Then I average out the prices over the last 6 fills. It’s currently sitting at 0.25€ per mile. So driving 1,000 miles would cost me 250€ in diesel alone, not considering any road tolls – though I have avoided all but 1 so far.

Walking / Hiking

I have spent decades of my life living in a cold country spending almost my entire time sat in an office staring at a computer screen. We rarely have nice weather in the UK, and rarer still do those days fall on weekends when my ex would have time off work so that we could go out and enjoy it.

I used to take a Vitamin D supplement because I got so little sunshine! That has now all changed 🙂 I am spending vast amounts of time outside in comparison to my old life. I have pretty rosy (okay perhaps a touch sunburned!) cheeks and am enjoying the benefits of so much fresh air.

Following the breakup of my relationship and my brother’s death last year, neither of which I was really able to fully process at the time, I am finding that nature is my therapist out here and my walks are my therapy sessions.

  • Number of walks (some just quick trips to the shops etc): 18
  • Total miles: 44
  • Longest single walk: 6.6 miles
  • Total height gain: 6,810 feet
  • Highest single climb: 1,344 feet

I wan’t to beat these stats every month, namely the total miles walked, the longest distance in a single walk and the highest climb in a single hike. Though the last one will depend on where I am. If I’m in a flat area of the country I may not be able to do climbs.

My ViewRanger stats for May 2018

For those who prefer to watch than to read, I also did a video for the YouTubers:

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