First Steps in Tenerife

Tenerife is my winter destination; my home for the next two months until the end of February.

The view from my cabin
The view from my cabin

It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow and I arrived last night. The journey was easy and relatively uneventful though the hire car took a little getting used to as it’s a left-hand drive and I have to change gears with my right hand.

A beautiful, secluded cabin with a view

I am staying in a charming little cabin in the north of the island, a few miles from La Orotava. I found it on AirBnB. I looked through a ton of boring looking apartments that would have been difficult to work from before finding this cabin.

My charming, rustic cabin that is home for 2 months

The standout feature of it for me personally is the dedicated office space which happens to have a magnificent view of the mountains and the sea (though I didn’t know that when I booked it!)

Th host, Gustavo lives ‘next door’ in a stunning looking house and aside from his residence there are no neighbours to speak of. This gives me quiet solitude that I crave. Well, apart from the extremely vocal cockerel who crowed all through the night! But I’ve lived next door to one for 2 years before so it shouldn’t take me long to get used to.

The cabin has been filled with many decorations; made by local artisans I imagine. These little touches make it so homely and cosy and it is totally unlike anything I have ever lived in before. I love it 🙂

A selection of local crafts on display in the lounge

Getting Around

I seriously considered not getting a vehicle and relying on the reputedly excellent Titsa bus service but decided against it at the last minute. I prefer the flexibility of being able to come and go when I please and not being restricted by a bus schedule.

The hire car is fine, and I got to the cabin pretty quickly even though I came from the Tenerife South Airport (I’m in the North) and my satnav erroneously took me right into the centre of Santa Cruz.

The island is large enough that there is plenty to do and lots of places to visit but small enough that I can drive to anywhere on the island in under 2 hours which makes it perfect for having a fixed home base.

Compare that to a massive country such as France where I drove around 1,000 miles around all the various places that I visited.

My Lifestyle

This isn’t a holiday; I can’t afford to take two months off work! But I’m not just going to stay in the cabin all the time either. I will need to find a balance between work and everything else which is something that I never managed to do on the motorhome.

Because I have unlimited electricity, unlimited wifi, and a real office to work from, it should be much easier for me to work full-time (ish) and still be able to explore the island a lot of the time.

Also, one of the unusual things about Tenerife is that it has many micro-climates. Here in the North I will experience much more rain than in the South and the weather in the national park near Mount Teide has it’s own eco-system!

What this means is that if I want to go for a hike and it happens to be raining in my location, I’ll be sure to be able to find another part of the Island with sunshine that I can go to and with everything so close, I can simply chase the sun around the island anytime I want to go exploring 🙂

After the 3 months I spent touring France, I now know what I like. In a word, Nature. My leisure time will be spent walking and hiking around the many varied landscapes this place has to offer.

My host Gustavo, invited me out for a 5 hour hike on the morning after I arrived! I declined as I needed to stock up (no food) and I will need to get fit again before I can do something of that length. It’s been 5 months since I did any serious hiking. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

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