Essex Dog Day & Tollesbury Marina

My girlfriend is a huge dog fan so we decided to go to the Essex Dog Day which we have been to before. I’m more of a cat person but I still enjoy it. I didn’t take any photos but I did get to say hello to some gorgeous 12 week old German Shepherd puppies!

It was a blazing hot day, even hotter than yesterday but this time I put sun cream on and wore my hat! We were done with the doggies around 4pm but it was too early to go home on such a lovely day so we decided to head over to the Tollesbury Marina for a little while.

Tollesbury Marina is on the Estuary that is part of Tollesbury Wick. We only stayed for a little while and were just relaxing but I’m going to come back here at some point and do a coastal walk.

The tide was high as we arrived which was rather nice. There are walk ways either in gravel or wooden boards that go all over the marshland from the boats towards the water. We walked to the light ship, had a little paddle in the water and then just relaxed on the benches watching a lady play with her dog in the river.

The lightship – a Lighthouse on a ship! Clever huh? 🙂

We stayed here for maybe an hour and then headed home. On the way back we decided to pick up some chips – two takeaways in two days! Oh dear, our waistlines will not thank us next week!

Tollesbury Marina Flickr Album

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