Clare and Cavendish Walk

Today I was following another walk that I found on iFootpath but luckily I did not get lost this time! It was a circular route starting in the village of Clare, walking to another little village called Cavendish, and then back to Clare.

There was a bit of road walking to start with but I didn’t mind too much as the village was quite pretty and there were lots of interesting, shops, buildings and houses to look at along the way.

Before long, the route went off into some fields and this field walking made up the bulk of the walk. To be quite honest, towards the end of the walk, after field upon field, they did all start to look the same as I became a little tired of them!

Awesome view, but even this got a bit tiresome after some miles!

Before long though, I arrived in Cavendish which was rather quaint.

Pretty pink thatched cottages in Cavendish

There was some kind of village fete going on. Well, soon to be as it looked like it hadn’t quite started; people were still setting up. However, there were some classic cars, an art exhibition, and various stalls. One of the paintings in the art gallery was of the pink cottages pictured above.

I stopped here a while, ate a little food and went to the toilet in a pub. I was going to stop for a drink here but the pub was kind of noisy and I decided to keep walking.

After another few fields, I found a lovely little area which was full of an unusual breed of sheep that I had not seen before. There were several willow trees (my favourite tree) dangling their tendrils in the river. I found an apple tree, picked one, and sat down to eat it next to the sheep who were watching me closely.

There was one in particular who was just next to a tree and as I started to walk his head popped around the side of it, intently watching me. Then as I continued past the tree, he appeared on the other side, still watching me! It was rather cute 🙂

I played hide and seek with this little guy 🙂

This little meadow was very relaxing and I lingered here a while. It was the only water I had come close to, and was definitely the best part of the walk for me. At the end of the meadow were more sheep, more willows, some swans and a beautiful old bridge, built in 1836.

Small brick bridge, built in 1836

After crossing the bridge I come out onto a road that crossed the Suffolk / Essex border. There was a line of sleepers along the edge of the road, and being a big kid I wanted to walk along them. However, I had to wait for some actual kids to finish doing so first! Their dad thought I was lost as I was waiting for them and reading my map 🙂

The road led into more fields, but this time a corn field! Here I was a bit naughty…

Corn fields! They weren’t going to miss a few ears right? 😉

Yep, I stole some corn! I love sweetcorn and you just don’t get fresher than just picked! The corn was taller than me and I could see that it was ripe. I walked along the field a while, looking out for other walkers and then hurriedly swiped a few of them! I stripped off some of the husk to reduce the weight a little and stuffed them into my bag. I stole 4!

It didn’t end there…

As I carried on walking, I came into yet another corn field. They seemed to stretch on forever. This was seemed completely isolated. There was nobody about and I couldn’t see anyone so I decided to actually eat some there and then! I love raw corn, it’s so fresh and sweet.

I took a photo but it came out rather blurry! I hid the evidence in a gap in a hedge, leaving the corn fields behind.

The route continued through some barns and out onto a rather muddy track which got very narrow and was lined with stinging nettles. This is one of the reasons why I always wear full length walking trousers whatever the weather!

Anyone wearing shorts through this would be getting a few nettle stings!

This track was quite short and then lead out onto more fields and these seemed to go on forever. At this point I was starting to tire a bit. There was a little pain in my feet; I feel as though my boots have lost a little of their cushioning. I may need to buy some of those blister plasters.

However, I didn’t actually notice the extra weight of the corn in my bag which was good. After several more fields, I eventually made it back to Clare Castle Country Park and there I decided to ‘reward’ myself with a cream tea (coffee).

Delicious, but guilt and regret set in far too quickly!

I put the word ‘reward’ in quotes because I started to regret the decision almost immediately. The scone, as you can see from the photo, was HUGE! That is not camera trickery. I think it is the biggest scone I have ever eaten!

Although I am not walking to lose weight, it would be a nice bonus, and I felt as though any calories burned on the walk would have been cancelled out by this indulgence. The cream teas are becoming a bit of a habit and I think I need to relegate them down to an occasional treat instead!

Overall, I enjoyed the walk, but not quite as much as the previous two. This was mainly because there was a fair bit of road walking, and much of the rural areas were fields which started to look the same.

However, it’s always fun to explore somewhere new. It’s quite exciting to think that I could go on a totally different walk every single week!

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