Cahors, Le Pont Valentre & Yummy Lunch

I hadn’t initially intended to come to Cahors; instead I wanted to visit Rocamadour and then head south east.

However, I was desperate to get my fridge working on gas and I knew that there was a Motorhome repair place in Cahors that would do the work. After being met with a frosty reception from a very rude member of staff in Narbonne Accessories in Brive, I decided to just head south to Cahors.

I looked around on Park4Night for an Aire that I could stay at but the only ones nearby were right in the centre of town – too noisy and busy for me. So I decided to book into a campsite that was just 10 minutes drive away from the repair place.

I had the work done on Thursday morning and then decided that I may as well explore the town of Cahors while here. As there was a free bus into the town within walking distance it was easy to do.

Cahors is quite a large town that dates back to the 13th Century and has various monuments from that time. But seeing as I am not a fan of big towns, history or architecture, I wasn’t expecting to particularly enjoy it.

One feature that I decided to check out was a bridge called the Pont Valentre, but only because it’s a UNESCO Heritage site. It was pretty cool as bridges go but I was done with it after 20 minutes or so!

My first UNESCO site in France

The town was pretty much as I expected. I sat in the Cathedral for a while admiring the intricacy of the decor, but didn’t really see a whole lot else that interested me.

However, the highlight of the afternoon was actually lunch! So far since being in France I have cooked all my own food and shopped from supermarkets only. Today I decided to treat myself to a proper meal out.

Oeufs Mayonnaise – similar to devilled eggs.

I had the full 3 course ‘menu de jour’ and it was all delicious! You can see pics of all the food in the photo album below, and of course I took a video as well.

See the full album on Flickr


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