Having a Bit of a Storage Sort Out

When I left my house I had already done a pretty good job of stocking up the motorhome and organising everything quite well but there were a few things that I wasn’t happy with.

The main problem is that I had a large crate of kitchen stuff in the under-seat storage and to get at anything in it was a real nuisance. I also had a couple of boxes of random stuff that were a bit disorganised and a few things had just been randomly shoved somewhere without any real thought to it.

Now that I am finally getting close to actually starting my travels, I want everything properly organised, in the proper place so I know where everything is. So I spent a few hours today making an incredible mess and then re-arranging a lot of stuff and I’m very pleased with the result! Here are a few pics:

In the middle of the sort out – stuff everywhere and nowhere to sit!

Notice that largish clear crate on the couch with another bunch of smaller boxes in it. I had another crate that size under that couch with all kitchen stuff. Amazingly, at the end of my sort out I had emptied both of those crates so now have extra space!

After the sort out – I even cooked some soup at the same time 🙂

This is my new kitchen cupboard. When I bought the motorhome this whole thing was taken up with racks for wine glasses! I ripped all those out to create more storage space. I’ve now got 90% of my kitchen stuff actually in the kitchen.

Yeah it’s a nuisance when I want to get something out of the box in the middle as I have the grab the stool, take down the stuff on top, get the box down etc etc but that is just one of the very small inconveniences I have to endure in order to have this lifestyle of travel!

This is my booze cupboard! I’ve got a few liquers from Andorra on there as well as some other stuff. There’s also some storage boxes but they may have to be relegated to the under-couch space if I get more booze 🙂

The lasagna dish!

This is a secondary kitchen cupboard. It has less used stuff including the all important lasagna dish that I could not leave behind 🙂

Pea and ham soup

Whilst I was doing all that I also made some soup, and those containers fit just nicely in the very tiny fridge.

Wardrobe Video

This is a video that I shot several months ago when I moved out of my house but I never got around to uploading it. As it’s related to organisation it seemed quite fitting to put it in with this post:

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