Beach Sunsets & Cold Showers

I have been at Saint-Julien-en-Born for a few days now. I am due to leave tomorrow but I am going to extend my stay as I like it here for many reasons.

Sunset on the beach

On my first night here it was lovely and warm and out of the side window of the motorhome I caught a glimpse of the sun setting and it looked really pretty. Generally speaking I’m not hugely into sunsets – I prefer the bright daylight, but this one was indeed very nice.

I had a wander down to the beach so I could watch it and found that a lot of other people had the same idea! I actually didn’t mind it; there was almost a community feel which was nice.

Crazy Windy Day

On the third day the temperature dropped and the forecast said it would be raining all day so I hadn’t planned to go to the beach. However the forecast was wrong. Although it did rain it was really just a tiny smattering throughout the afternoon.

It was still fairly warm and I figured I may as well go and swim at least, even if I couldn’t sunbathe. I do love to be able to get outside for a bit each day.

As I got closer to the beach I realised how windy it was; it sent the sand up against my skin which really stung! The beach was empty! What a sight after the last two packed days!

Where the wind as so high the sand had been blown completely smooth – it was like walking on fresh snow!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to put a towel down and wasn’t sure that even my bag would stay put but the lifeguard station was empty so I put my bag in there for safe keeping!

I had the ocean to myself! Oddly, the wind didn’t seem to make the waves any fiercer than they had been for the previous 2 days. It was incredibly invigorating and there was something almost magical about having that time all to myself. I’m not sure I have ever been actually alone in the sea before.

I’m not sure how long I was body-slammed by the waves for. Not as long as yesterday as the wind made it much colder. Certainly woke me up though!

Cold showers

As I wouldn’t be able to dry out and get changed, after getting out I just put my towel round my shoulders and walked back. There is a shower station just at the top of the beach. I hadn’t used it before as the previous two days I had changed back into regular clothes for the walk back but today I used it to rinse off the sand.

One of the reasons I have decided to stay at this aire is because they actually have two showers here! Of course, they are cold showers and there’s no facilities, not even a hook to hang your stuff – but still, an actual shower! Each day they have been full but not today as I don’t think anyone else went to the beach.

I nipped back to the motorhome to grab my shampoo and I was able to really wash my hair properly which was SO nice! It’s such a pain in the butt washing my hair on the motorhome, especially since my hot tap broke. Again, this was a cold shower but it did the job and my hair was very grateful 🙂

After the cold winds and two cold showers I was actually feeling a bit chilly when I got back to the motorhome, so I snuggled up with a fleece and a mug of coffee 🙂

Shortly after that, the rain and thunderstorms started!

2 thoughts on “Beach Sunsets & Cold Showers

  1. Clem

    The sunset on the beach looks really gorgeous! When is the best time to visit the UK in the summer (would you say)? I know it is generally cold…

    1. CarolineM Post author

      The UK is very hit and miss with the weather so you can never guarantee it. I’d say July & August are generally the best months in terms of weather but of course that’s also the busiest season.

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