Autoire Hike #2 – Waterfall & Amazing Clifftop Views

It was 6 days after my last trip to Autoire before the weather cleared up enough for me to go back. I did not want to risk it being wet & muddy after thunderstorms and I was glad I waited as that would have been pretty dangerous with the hike I ended up doing!

The Waterfall

This time I had researched the walk properly online, so I knew where I was going and I also had the waterfall programmed into Google Maps on my phone.

It turns out that it wasn’t necessary – the path was very well marked and it was well trodden, easy and short. I reached it within about half an hour and it was lovely šŸ™‚

It’s only a small waterfall, just 30m high but I’d never seen one before so it was awesome for me!

The waterfall less than a mile from the village of Autoire

Very steep climb!

I knew that there were also some old ruins of a castle further up and I wanted to do a real hike so I began to follow the signs. It was much steeper than anything I’d climbed before and the further I went, the steeper it got!

There were several times when I stopped to take a rest, marvel and the amazing views and I filmed a bit of the view and how steep the terrain was but I ended up re-filming this 3 times because it just got even more extreme as the time went on!

At several points I had to scramble, and needed both hands to be able to pull myself up the rockface. There was also a moment when I turned around and realised that I was on a path no more than about 10 inches wide which was just on the cliff edge with a sheer drop below! It was a bit scary and I was very happy when the path led more inland!

I had to go extremely slowly, treading very carefully and taking many rest stops as my fitness is not great! There were a few times when other people passed me. I don’t like having people behind me when I’m walking or hiking as I am nearly always slower than everybody else so I’m always happy to just stop and let them pass šŸ™‚

At one point I thought I had reached the top (I hadn’t!) and I sat on a ledge just in awe of the view. At this point I was now high enough to be looking down at the waterfall.

Proof that I really did climb up here! šŸ™‚


I then saw a sign for a viewpoint so followed that. It took me much further along the cliff edge and then I came across a few sets of steps which took me up perhaps another 30-40 ft and of course the views were better still!

I hadn’t even found the castle ruins yet šŸ™‚ At this view point there was a small town with a road and I was hoping I might find another way back down but alas, I did not!

The climb down was quite tricky, especially the very steep drops but I got back safe and sound.

It was a very hot day and by the time I got back to the motorhome I was hot and tired and ready for a beer šŸ™‚

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One thought on “Autoire Hike #2 – Waterfall & Amazing Clifftop Views

  1. Dot

    Well Done Caroline. That trek sounds quite a challenge. Great you were rewarded with great views and the waterfall of course.
    Iā€™m enjoying reading about your travels.

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