Andorra Day 6 – Final Day of Snowboard School

This morning I was feeling apprehensive about the lesson because my back that I had hurt yesterday had got worse over time. Due to the concrete beds that we have in the hotel I had a very rough night, waking up in pain a lot.

I took some painkillers in the middle of the night and again before I left but it was still hurting by the time I got to the slopes. We stretched out and I told the instructor about it.

We were doing the same run as yesterday which I was not looking forward to but it actually started off okay. I took it easy, going slow where possible and I didn’t fall at all on the first few sections which was an improvement.

Then we got to the steep section which I had done really well on the day before. It started fine and then something happened and I landed hard on my knee. I had to just sit for a few minutes to recover and then I just slowly slid down on my heel edge to the rest of the group. Luckily I was wearing hard shell knee pads, I dread to think how much that would have hurt if I didn’t have them.

After that the instructors had set up a slalom course for us for the final day. In theory this should have been quite easy as it was on a green section and it was a fairly even slope. It was just a matter of linking those turns smoothly to navigate past each pole.

I got down most of the course without problem and then I tripped near the bottom and fell facing down the slope, braced again to protect my arms but this time I fell hard on my front which juddered all through my back. The pain from the day before came rushing back and this time spread all the way down my back. I knew I was done.

All I could do was grab my board and slowly walk back up the slope. It took me about 15 minutes and it was very painful. When I got back to the top I told Jason what had happened and said I couldn’t do any more and he told me I could catch the Gondola down to Soldeu town and then get the bus back to my hotel.

The town of Soldeu

I stayed and watched the group do all their slalom races, and felt quite sorry for myself. They were all being filmed and the video would be shown in the pub later in the evening. After the slalom races I joined them for a coffee break and then said my goodbyes and headed to the Gondola.

After I got back to the hotel all I could really do was rest and watch TV. It was quite a boring afternoon. By the evening my knees were starting to hurt as well just to add to the fun so I decided not to go to the bar in the evening and went to bed early instead.

Such a disappointing end to what had up until today been a really good week.

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