Andorra Day 5 – First Blue Run

Snow runs are colour coded – Green, blue, red & black in increasing difficulty. In our lesson today we took a blue run to Soldeu where we stopped for a break and then continued the run back to El Tarter.

I must admit, I didn’t enjoy it! I expect the higher difficulty runs to be steeper and I think that is the case most of the time but this particular one only had a few steepish areas (which were fine) and the difficulty for me was that there were actually several areas that were extremely flat and even uphill in places!

If you can’t get up enough speed before the approach you get stuck and have to skate or walk until the next downhill section which is very tiring and annoying. This happened to most of us several times. In the end it took us the entire lesson to get down the whole thing.

I had a couple of falls that were unpleasant and tweaked my upper back a bit. The weather was not as nice today – the sun was not out and it was overcast and snowing a little which made it cold. After lunch I was still feeling cold, sore and tired. I spend longer than usual over lunch to give myself time to recuperate but I just wasn’t feeling great and didn’t want to push it so I came back to the hotel early.

I still have 2 days left of boarding and I know from the experience that if I try to ‘push through’ when I’m tired and sore I just fall even more and that’s only going to make things worse. I’d rather get less hours in and come home safe, uninjured and at a moderately higher ability level, than try to squeeze in extra hours and end up hurting myself. I think after my injury I’m always going to err on the side of caution.

Because I came back quite early the Gondola was pretty empty and I got a car to myself so I used the opportunity to shoot a video. It didn’t come out brilliantly as the camera kept focusing on the scratches in the glass!

This afternoon I had quite a few hours to relax back at the hotel which was nice. My back is still feeling sore but in the morning I’ll take some painkillers and see if that eases it off.

Tomorrow is the last day of tuition and apparently it’s going to be a fun day 🙂

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