Andorra Day 4 – Picking up Speed

Today’s group lesson was way better than yesterday’s one. The beginner piste was not as busy today and we didn’t spend as much time on it. Instead of doing just very short distances we’re now doing longer runs and meeting down by the chairlift. It’s great that the whole group seems to have advanced at a similar pace so we’re all on the same level.

After the first run we went up a new lift – 4 person chair and this took us further up about twice the distance. The views on the lift were just stunning again and getting off that lift was just as difficult as the other one heh.

But up here there were less people, we had more space and we were really starting to step things up. It really clicked for me today. I can now do both turns pretty well, I’m comfortable on both heel and toe edges, and we did some traversing across the slope which I found fine as well.

I also found myself going a lot faster and in some cases overtaking others in the group 🙂 It really does feel great when it works! But I’ve noticed the longer I go, the more tired I get. Makes sense really because if I fall, I’ll always rest a couple of minutes to re-compose myself before continuing so without falling it needs a lot more endurance and I’m struggling with that. I’m just not that fit.

I did still fall over a few times but almost every time was when my path got blocked by somebody else who was going super slow, or had fallen or just suddenly cut across in front of me etc. Those things seemed to throw me off balance, but of course we don’t get the mountain to ourselves so learning to steer around other people is a large part of the experience.

I felt really good this morning and after the lesson I wanted to go to the top again as there was a bar up there that I wanted to check out. I could feel how tired I was getting by this point though so getting to that point was eventful! It was worth it though as the bar was 18+ so no kids and it played good music, had comfy seats, a great view and delicious food!

This burger was amazing and was by far the best lunch I’ve had. The two restaurants by the school are not very good.

So I hung out at the bar for around an hour to get a good rest and headed back down but this was not a good run! I was still exhausted and everything was feeling stiff. The trouble was it’s again such good weather that I wanted to make the most of it. We’ve had 3 outstanding days and having been on mountains in really bad weather (Scotland!!) I know it’s not a guarantee by any means.

So once I got down to the school area I took another rest, drank some more water and had another go, but just took it easy. This was much better. I very nearly managed to clear the run but there’s a steep bit just before the lift and I took a risk to do a turn on it and failed hehe.

I took the chair up and managed to get off okay I thought but there was a skiier on the chair behind me and he came off so fast that he ploughed right into me and actually flipped over the top of me!! We weren’t hurt but it did not feel good either so I decided to call it a day at that point. It was a shame not to end it on a high but overall, it’s been the best day of boarding so far!

Here’s a video I shot from the Terrace where I had lunch:

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