Andorra Day 3 – Building Confidence & Huskies!

Today started off pretty slow. The learning piste was super busy and in our whole 3 hour lesson I think we only managed 2 runs as we had to spend about 2/3 of our time sat on our asses waiting for armies of skiiers to move. It was quite frustrating.

But it was another gorgeous day and as I was feeling a little more confident I did 3 runs on my own after the lesson. There’s definitely been an improvement. I fell over quite a lot but one thing I practised was getting into the brace position every time I knew I was going to fall in order to protect my arms from injury.

When you’re a beginner, falling is inevitable, but injury isn’t. I had instinctively put my arm out a couple of times when falling and I felt a twinge in my wrist. If I can used to pulling my arms in now when I’m at a slow stage then hopefully if I fall when going faster I’d do it instinctively and not break a wrist or wrench my shoulder out of my socket again!

Another part of the mountain experience is learning to use the lifts. Yesterday was my first time on a chair lift but I got used it more today. I think I rode it around 5 times. I am now able to get on it without problem but getting off is another story… However I was able to get a little further before face planting each time and on my final ride up I was able to successfully skate to a standing stop! I decided that would be a great time to finish so I could end another day on a high!

Husky Mushing

After I finished boarding, I parked the board near the escalator and made my way over to the hut for ‘husky mushing’. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was – it looked like you sat in a sled and got pulled along by huskies.

Well that was sort of it but when the guys came to speak to us they asked “do you want to sit in the sled or drive it?” Driving it sounded a bit scary so I said I’d just sit. But he explained that driving it was a much better experience and said that I had only one opportunity to do it… And seeing as I am all about living life to the full now, I decided to go for it!

It was the right decision of course 🙂 It was great fun but also very tiring in places and at times frustrating. One of my dogs stopped to do a poo lol and the one at the front kept turning around to look at the dogs behind me so I had to keep urging them on.

Going uphill you had to help them out by pushing with one foot and that was hard but the downhills made up for it! That was really fun! At the end we had a really long downhill stretch and we went whizzing down it at quite some speed!

Afterwards I was able to say hi to all the dogs and some were very friendly. I got some great photos 🙂 Then the man came out and said “I have something for you” and handed me this tiny ball of fur! A husky puppy. He was gorgeous of course but I had a feeling that perhaps he was too young to be away from his mother. I told the man he looked scared and he took the puppy back to it’s mum.

I’m really glad I did the husky experience, it’s one of those things that I am sure I will remember for years! Here’s a short compilation of clips from the experience:


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