Accidental Minimalism and Lasagne

Over the last couple of weeks I have sold, given away or thrown out almost everything I own. There is very little left to go now, which is just as well as I only have a few days left before I have to move out! Does this make me an accidental minimalist? I don’t really know!

This process of getting rid of almost everything has been both freeing and difficult, but it’s odd the things I have struggled to let go of.

I had no problem getting rid of clothes. I’ve never been into clothes, I don’t understand fashion at all and I just wear the same handful of items over and over. I donated about 2/3 of everything to a local salvation army clothing collection bank.

I struggled a little with furniture – specifically the oak furniture I had in my lounge. It was beautiful solid oak but with the second hand market the way it is, I had to sell at just a fraction of the purchase price even though it was all in superb condition.

One piece of the solid oak furniture that was sold very cleaply

I’ve offloaded boxes of DVDs onto my friends and I have several boxes more to give to the British Heart Foundation. Same with books. I no longer need DVDs as I can just download anything I want to watch. It’s the same for many books but I struggled with the books because I feel there is something kind of sacred about holding an actual solid book in your hand.

But, they simply didn’t sell. I decided to keep a few of my cookery books as they are simply beautiful books. I dedicated one cupboard on the motorhome to books and no more, so I picked just my favourites. The rest have all been boxed up for BHF.

My book cupboard on the motorhome

When it came to the kitchen, I actually found it easier than I thought it would to get rid of so much stuff as I enjoy cooking quite a lot. I have kept a few things. I’ve got a couple of storage boxes with a few kitchen bits that will allow me to cook probably 80% of what I could in my fully equipped kitchen.

I had to let go of the slow cooker, not because of lack of space but simply because it’s not feasible to leave an electrical item on for hours on end. I have seen some other cooking gadgets designed for slow cooking in a caravan / motorhome but not looked into it too closely yet.

I have one kitchen dish left. A square ceramic dish which I have only ever used for lasagne. I have checked the size and it fits in the motorhome oven which means I could still make lasagne yay! But it does not fit in the fridge, oh no!

I’ve always just cooked a lasagne, served up one or two portions and then just put the dish in the fridge. Really I should just throw it out. It’s large, heavy and I don’t make lasagne that often anyway.

I nearly threw it out this morning but just couldn’t and that’s what prompted me to write this post! My lasagne is just so damned good that I just can’t live without it. I can live with minimal clothes, with no furniture, with pooing in a cassette toilet, but I can’t live without my lasagne lol!

My lasagne dish 🙂

I reached a compromise… I’ll keep the dish. I’ll make lasagne on the motorhome, but I’ll have to allow it to cool, and portion it up into small containers that will go in the fridge.

So silly I know! 🙂 But if you’d tasted my lasagne you might understand!

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