A New Home Base For The UK

I forgot to write a post when I came back to the UK a couple of weeks ago. I came back to see family and friends, to get some work done on the motorhome and to get away from the busy crowds and high prices of the high season.

I spent just over 3 months touring France and that was enough to really give me a taste of the motorhome life, to get used to the new way of living, and to understand the challenges that it presented.

Throughout the summer, the heatwave that the whole of Europe was experiencing made it extremely uncomfortable in the motorhome, and everything became much busier, noisier and more expensive. Even before I came back to the UK I already knew that I wanted to stay in the UK for at least the rest of the summer, and since then my plans have evolved some more.

I was often parked very close to many other motohomes

Work & Travel

I have an online business that I can run anywhere with an Internet connection and a laptop. At least in theory. I had this romantic idea that I could live a life of perpetual travel, whilst seamlessly running my business on the road, all in one perfectly integrated lifestyle.

Unfortunately I simply could not make that work. The main problem was lack of electricity. The solar power allowed me to use my small notebook for a few hours a day but it was not enough for my main laptop which is the one I really need to use. I can get away with my notebook in a pinch, but as my main computer, it’s just not good enough.

I had several other issues as well but ultimately, I simply could not put in the time and concentration to do the most important work necessary to move my business forward. It was fine for doing little bits of maintenance work just to keep things ticking over, but I can’t make progress that way.

I Got Homesick

I saw some amazing places and had some wonderful experiences. In those 3 months I’ve made memories that I’m sure will stay with me forever and that was just 1 country. But, I was all alone and with the language barrier I felt lonely a lot of the time.

I would still rather travel alone and deal with the loneliness than just not travel at all, but I don’t want to travelΒ all the time. I missed my friends and family back home, and it was tiring to move about so much and I missed the stability of simply having a home to go back to.

Seeing amazing views when hiking was fantastic, but a lonely experience

The Motorhome is Uncomfortable

Traveling in a motorhome is awesome! You can cover so much ground, see so many places that would be much more difficult to do if you were hotel based, and you can do it all very cheaply and with immense freedom. If you have a lifestyle that allows large blocks of time to travel, I highly recommend it!

You get a complete tiny home on wheels. However, let’s be real here. It’s not a house and you have to make a lot of sacrifices. Using that cassette toilet and emptying it out is nasty. Trying to keep clean with a tiny bathroom and limited water is challenging. You have to get creative with food as you have such limited space for a fridge, food storage and utensils. And so on…

Putting up with those things for a few months whilst you get to travel around wherever you want is fine, but the idea of living in the motorhome as my full time permanent home all year round even when in the UK did not appeal. Basically, I realised that fulltiming is simply not for me!

A Static Caravan on a Holiday Park

I’m not even sure how I came across the idea but I discovered that you can actually purchase a static caravan on a holiday park and use it freely for an entire season. The park is closed for the winter but that suits me as I hate being in the UK during winter!

So I did some research, had a look to see what parks were near my family in the South East and there were actually several to choose from as it’s near the coast which is where all the parks are located.

I found one that looked good, and went to take a look around the park itself and the caravans. I couldn’t believe just what you could get for such a low price. It’s a complete 2-bedroom home with a large lounge, full kitchen and bathroom and it all comes fully furnished and you can even park your car right outside on your plot!

And the park itself is located right on the River Blackwater and I just love being near water. They have their own private slipway which will be awesome if I decide to try kayaking and I can also go for walks along the sea wall for a few miles in each direction. Lovely πŸ™‚

Mine is the first on the right. The view is looking down the lane from the outside.

It’s like buying a house, just at a tiny fraction of the price! Of course, it’s not your permanent residence – you still have to have a legal UK address, but you can stay in it as long as you want during the 9 month season which suits me perfectly.

Work & Travel, Home & Away – Separated

So going forward, instead of having a permanent life of travel where I just live in a motorhome full time and constantly travel, never staying in one place for more than a few days and just trying my best to work when I can, I will have a rather more traditional life – well, sort of πŸ™‚

I can stay in the UK for as long as I like and whilst here I’ll live in my caravan which is just like a normal home; A real bed I can sit up in, a flushing toilet, a real shower, a large kitchen, enough space for everything I need and much more. In this home I can work full time but I can also enjoy the benefits of being in the UK, such as joining a gym, having a social life and seeing my friends and family. I can even invite them over to my place – I do love cooking for friends -)

Then, whenever I want a break, I just stock up the motorhome and go! And whilst I travel, because I’ve done so much work whilst in the UK, I can enjoy the travels more. I won’t have to be so concerned with working. I can just work a couple of hours each day to keep things in maintenance mode, which the solar power should be fine for.

So my work life and my travel life will be more separate. When I am in the UK, I work a lot and do the most important work. And when I travel, I really travel so I can see more and do more!

I’m really excited about this next phase of my life – I think it’s going to give me complete freedom to truly experience the best of both worlds, having both a stable home base in the UK and the luxury of being able to travel cheaply whenever I want! πŸ˜€

I’ve paid at the deposit and now just need to extract the funds to pay the balance. I should get the keys next week! I took a few photos of it which you can see below. Once I am in, I’ll also do a video tour.

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7 thoughts on “A New Home Base For The UK

  1. Andy Ward

    Nice, I’ll subscribe and see what you get upto. I used to follow your online blog about 10 years back and used a very well written WordPress guide you published to setup my first business website!

    I’m living in Spain but enjoy the UK a lot. I’ll look into statics as if they’re cheap enough, its a good option to have a foot in both places.

  2. Stacey

    Hi Carolyn, thank you for your blog. you have given me a real insight into the “van life”. I am looking to do this myself in the next few years and wondered what I would do if I didn’t like it. I hope that things are going well. Thank you again

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