A Few Wet & Cold Days

My visit of Saint Cirq Lapopie was fairly short and I was ready to leave that afternoon. Thankfully I had an uneventful drive onto the next Aire, just a few miles away in the little town of Cajarc.

Free Electrcity!

The aire costs 5.50€ for 24 hours and the only services are a dump point. There’s no fresh water and no electricity points – well, apart from one hidden in a little box! I only knew about this because of the comments left on the Park4Night website.

I was very lucky when I arrived that I was the only person here and could position my motorhome in the closest pitch and get hooked up. Many other motorhomes came and went in the time that I was here and I got many dirty looks from old (they do all seem to be retirees!) French folks when they saw my hookup cable and the lack of other points! I kept most of my blinds down at this spot to avoid making uncomfortable eye contact!

Rained In

I had only intended to stay here for one night; I wanted to move onto the town of Capdenac. However, the weather influenced my decision to stay longer. It began to rain, a LOT and thankfully, the repair of my roof leak held up and I couldn’t detect any damp.

But I was not relishing driving in these conditions. The second day it rained for hours and hours and as my 24 hours was drawing to a close I’d already made the decision to stay a second night.

If I wasn’t on the electric hookup I would have moved on as it was also starting to get cold and I made use of my electric heater for the first time since leaving the UK.

My solar power can run my computers for hours, but an electric heater will drain the batteries very quickly so I really need to be hooked up for that!

It started to get very muddy from all the rain

Low on Water

By the second day I was getting a little anxious as I was getting low on water and this place had no water point. Though I did see another couple fill up their tank from the toilet rinse water tap – yuck!

Some people use their tank water for washing only and then carry bottled water for drinking. As I am full-timing that would add a lot of expense, and also mean buying a lot of plastic bottles which I try to avoid.

This means I need to only fill from a proper drinking water tap. Even then I use water purification tablets and run it through a water filter before use.

The third night I was awake a lot – woken by the sound of the rain which seemed endless but finally, when the dawn broke and some daylight appeared, the rain had stopped.

I checked the weather forecast and it looked to be a dry day, even if very overcast and chilly.

So, onwards to the next town!


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