10 Km Hike From The Village of Autoire

Today I visited the small village of Autoire. It is set in some stunning scenery and I had heard about a fantastic walk that takes you to a waterfall and some castle ruins.

Unfortunately, I must have gone the wrong way as I didn’t find either of those things, but I still had a lovely walk around the countryside which offered some amazing views, and I passed through several small, rural villages.

Walking & Hiking

I started walking last summer but I didn’t really do it for long for a number of reasons but now that I’m here in France I really want to take it up more seriously and transition from ‘walker’ to ‘hiker’. I’m not sure what the difference is – probably just semantics, but I guess in my mind, a hike is longer and tougher.

France is a big country, with a lot of countryside. There are 90,000 Km of GR’s which are the ‘Grand Randonée‘ – the equivalent of our National Trails. These are long distance walking paths and are not suitable for me as I need to get back to the motorhome at the end of each hike.

However, in addition there are another 30,000 Km of shorter walks – circular routes, and day hikes, but I am having a hell of a job finding them!

One of the difficulties for me is that I have to park the motorhome somewhere, and then reach the trail head on foot, and there are many places which are simply not accessible to the motorhome.

Um, left or right? The signs are confusing!

My Hike

I track my walks with an app on my phone called ViewRanger. This seems to use a lot less battery power than RunKeeper, and it’s also a walking app that has many routes built in – not that I have found any near me so far!

Afterwards, I can login to the website and see the full stats. This is what today’s hike looked like:

  • Distance: 6.59 Miles
  • Climb: 977 Feet
  • Time: 4 Hours, 7 Minutes

It’s my longest, and highest walk so far this year. I’m still very much a beginner but by walking more and more and pushing to go further distances and greater climbs, I will gradually improve and one day I’ll be able to climb mountains 🙂

Not the circular route I was expecting!

As usual, I took some photos and video though I don’t think they really captured the views very well. I guess that is the drawback of just using a phone as a camera! Well, I’ll always have my memories 🙂

See the full album on Flickr


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